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Walls and Ceilings

Building of construction and partition walls Thin Bed Mortar
Bonding of thermal insulation panels on exterior and interior walls Polyurethane Foam adhesive Styro Uni
Bonding and sealing around drywall panels Drywall Foam Adhesive, Polyurethane foam adhesive STYRO UNI
Filling gaps, cracks, slits in walls & ceilings Straw polyurethane foam HD, Straw polyurethane foam O2 STD, Straw polyurethane foam O2 LEXY 60/40/20 all season
Fire resistant sealing of penetrations in walls & celings Fire Block Insulating Foam Sealant (straw), Fire Block Insulating Foam Sealant Pro (gun)
Reinforcing drywall, reinforcing joints between drywall panels Fibreglass Rendering Mesh , Drywall Tape
Sealing of dry wall panels Drywall Acrylic
Sealing of joints between wall and ceiling Universal Acrylic
Sealing and filling of gaps in walls, plaster, etc. Fast Acrylic
Filling cracks and gaps in walls Acrylic Wall Putty
Plastering internal walls E148N Acrylic façade plaster E - spray applied, E148 Acrylic façade plaster E, EO348N Colloidal Silica facade plaster EO- spray applied, EO348 Colloidal Silica facade plaster EO, EOS748N Silicone façade plaster EOS– spray applied, EOS748 Silicone façade plaster EOS, OS548 Mineral facade plaster OS E248 Mosaic decorative plaster
Plastering areas that are particularly exposed to mechanical damage: near entrances, in corridors, office staircases, residential and public utility buildings, railings, around window and door. E248 Mosaic decorative plaster
Finishing of internal walls - levelling the surface NEO Finish Dolomite filling putty
Priming walls before painting Universal P rimer, E168 Acrylic penetration primer, EOS769 Silicon penetration primer, EO368 Colloidal Silica penetration primer
Protecting edges during painting Masking Tape
Painting of extend walls E158 Acrylic façade paint , EO358 Colloidal Silica façade paint , EOS758 Silicon façade paint
Painting of internal walls and ceilings - large white surfaces Neo Invest Interior paint
Painting of internal walls and ceilings, particulary in “dry” rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, corridors, offices and conference rooms Neo Regular Interior paint
Painting of internal walls and ceilings: single-layer painting Neo Express Interior paint
Painting of internal walls and ceilings: particulary in heavily used rooms such as kitchens and dining rooms, restaurant rooms, offices and also in places where high resistance to washing and scrubbing is required Neo Latex Interior paint
Painting of internal walls and ceilings: particulary in areas with increased humidity such as bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens and in dry building systems in all types of rooms Neo Mineral Bio Interior paint
Filling of gaps and holes, levelling of horizontal and vertical substrates TEO124 Levelling mortar
Building construction and partition walls with a thin-bed method, smoothing, filling holes and levelling walls made of aerated concrete TEO224 Thin layer masonary mortar
Building facades, interior and exterior walls and other architectural elements made of clinker bricks TEO234 Clinker mortar
Preparing substrate prior to the application of cement- lime plaster to level substrate absorption and improve plaster adherence to walls and ceilings TEO314 Rendering coat mortar
Machine plaster application, recomended as base plaster TEO324 Machine applied plaster
Machine plaster application, fine-grained, especially recomended for light materials (aerated concrete) and with high absorbability (silicate hollow bricks) TEO334 Machine applied plaster
Installation of ceramic tiles on walls A136 Multipurpose tile adhesive, G236 Adhesive for standard tiles, E336 Adhesive for gres tiles GE436 Quick setting adhesive, EA536 Strong flexible adhesive, GEA736 Strong highly flexible adhesive GEA836 White adhesive with trass
Bonding coffers, rosettes and cornices made of plaster and polyurethane Mounting Adhesive Multi fix, Neoprene Adhesive, Polystrene Adhesive, Mounting Adhesive SBS
Bonding various heavy finishing elements (including ceremic tiles) FIX2 Rapid High Tack Adhesive , Mounting Adhesive for Ceramic Tiles
Bonding slats, panels, plastic and wooden boarding Mounting Adhesive SBS, Mounting Adhesive Multi fix, Mounting Adhesive Classic fix Mounting Adhesive Hydro fix
Bonding mirrors and glass elements Mirror Adhesive
Fixing heavy objects to walls and ceiling (TVs, railings, blinds, etc.) EV-1 Chemical anchor
Removing mildew FG-1 Fungicidal Agent