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Selena Group

Supervisory Board

Czesław Domarecki

Member of the Supervisory Board

Czesław Domarecki studied philosophy and mathematics at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

Completed the 14th Polonia Beligijska High School in Wroclaw.

In 2010–2011, he attended the Ernst & Young Junior Academy course at Ashridge Business School and at St. Gallen University.

From 13/12/2017 to 23/11/2018, he worked for Selena Marketing International Sp. z o.o. as Financial Analysis Specialist. At the same time, in 2017, he worked in the editorial office of the Teologia Polityczna magazine. Since 29/03/2018, he has been CEO of Elis Consulting Sp. z o.o.

In accordance with the resolution adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Selena FM S.A. on 28 February 2019, he was appointed Member of the Supervisory Board of Selena FM S.A.