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Research and development

Where do new products come from

Our customers need us to be able to supply products that are both innovative and easy-to-use as well as being durable and safe. We work constantly to develop new products, to improve what we offer and satisfy their needs. We provide custom-made Selena product formulas for use in Asia, Europe, and North and South America, all of which take the weather conditions and the construction technology of each country into account.

We manufacture products using exclusive formulas developed by our own in-house R&D experts. This gives us a competitive edge making Selena one of only a handful of manufacturers able to offer such a wide array of construction chemicals.

Research teams

Our research is conducted by two teams focused on different segments of the construction market:

  • Selena Labs research centre, which specialises in sealants, adhesives for construction and industrial purposes, polyurethane foams and waterproofing products.
  • Our insulation systems, mortars and dry adhesives development team, which has its laboratories in Poland and Romania and co-operates with the Research Institute of Building Materials (VUSTAH) from Brno, Czech Republic.

Selena Labs

Selena Labs was set up in 2010 (originally as the Research Centre of Construction Technology), to co-ordinate research activity for Selena’s production plants in Poland, China, Spain and Turkey. Its key role is to invent new and pioneering products, and some of our recently developed solutions include:

  • new, high-efficiency polyurethane mounting foams  
  • thin-bed mortar (polyurethane-based)
  • fire-rated silicone 
  • hi-tech hybrid adhesive with a fast initial grip 
  • roofing sealants. 

Our Polish experts also help to set up production plants across the world in order to monitor implementation of the technologies and solutions developed in our laboratories.

Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2008

In May 2014, Selena Labs has been found to conform to the Management System Standard ISO 9001:2008. The Certificate is valid for conducting research and development, implementation, analysis and development of technical documentation in the field of chemistry, chemical technology, chemistry of construction materials and industrial chemicals.

In March 2013, Selena Labs received a subsidy from the EU Operational Programme: Innovative Economy - Measure 4.5.2. In this project, more than PLN 2m will be invested in modern R&D equipment to streamline and increase the effectiveness of our Group’s R&D activity.